Leeds Medical Student Community First Responders

Who are we?

A group of volunteer Community First Responders made up of medical students at the University of Leeds.

Community First Responders (CFRs) are volunteers who are trained to provide immediate and potentially life-saving care to seriously ill patients in their community during the vital minutes before an ambulance arrives. Volunteers give a few hours of their time each fortnight during which time they are on call for the ambulance service to respond to calls in their local area.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has more than 1,000 volunteer CFRs in communities across Yorkshire as part of a wider initiative to provide vital care, comfort and reassurance to patients in the minutes before an ambulance arrives.

Our scheme is based in north west Leeds and comprises of medical students from the University of Leeds. Since launching in December 2016, we have trained 45 CFRs – including students from all years of the MBChB course. While ‘on-call’ at home they can dispatched to calls via a GPS enabled smartphone. Our members volunteer in pairs, with a driver and passenger on each shift. This allows new CFRs (often in the early years of their medical degree) to work alongside more experienced colleagues. More experienced CFRs also do solo night shifts. We aim to provide a 24/7 service during term time.

Our scheme is led by a committee of volunteers, overseen and supported by a Community Defibrillation Trainer and Community Defibrillation Officer at Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

We can be dispatched to medical emergencies in a 3 mile radius.



Pulse Oximetry

Oxygen cylinder

Airway adjuncts

Bag Valve Mask

Non-rebreather mask

Venturi 28% mask

Tympanic Temperature Probe

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Basic First Aid Kit

Reassurance & TLC!

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What 999 calls do we attend?

Our volunteer CFRs attend a range of life-threatening medical emergencies, and are often first on scene

While on call, our volunteers can be dispatched to a range of pre-specified 999 calls within a 3 mile radius. We are dispatched by YAS's Emergency Operations Centre at the same time as an ambulance or rapid-response vehicle. Driving to calls under normal traffic laws, we aim to arrive on scene before an ambulance to start history taking, provide reassurance and provide life-saving early interventions such as oxygen therapy, CPR and defibrillation where indicated. Examples of calls we attend include unconscious patients, heart attacks, stroke, fits, breathing difficulties and cardiac arrests.

  • We aspire to provide close to 24/7 cover during term-time. Days, nights, weekend. We have it covered.

  • trained as CFRs by Yorkshire Ambulance Service

  • attended in March 2019



Our volunteers who coordinate the operational, training and educational activities of our group, which is an MSRC sub-society.

Scheme Coordinator

James Nicholson schemelead@cfrleeds.org.uk
Responsible for managing the operational activity of the scheme and liaising with YAS on governance, recruitment, revalidation and development, as well as ensuring volunteer wellbeing and safety.


Ellis Garland treasurer@cfrleeds.org.uk
Responsible for our finances and seeking funding to support our operational activities. Leads on society/MSRC related matters.

Secretary (Operations)

Harry Jamson secretary@cfrleeds.org.uk
Overseas day to day running of scheme, including kit, rota and log. Point of contact for anyone interested in our scheme. Regular communication with volunteers. Works with YAS to ensure compliance with volunteer documentation.

Secretary (Recruitment)

Charlotte Coupe recruitment@cfrleeds.org.uk
Manages the annual intake of new CFRs into the scheme, including publicity, information evenings, applications, interviews, training and mentoring.

Early Years Coordinator

Ellie Taylor earlycoordinator@cfrleeds.org.uk
Direct point of contact for volunteers in Years 1,2 & 3. Monitors rota requirements, provides support and identifies training needs.

Late Years Coordinator

Ross Gillespie latecoordinator@cfrleeds.org.uk
Direct point of contact for volunteers in Years 4 and 5, as well as intercalating students. Monitors rota requirements, provides support and identifies training needs.

Training Officer

Steven Houghton training@cfrleeds.org.uk
Leads the bimonthly CPD events offered to all active volunteers and works with the Community Resilience team at YAS to ensure compliance with annual training and revalidation.


Florence Kinder publicity@cfrleeds.org.uk
Manages our website and social media feeds in cooperation with other committee members.

General Committee (Equipment)

Georgia Halliday generalcom@cfrleeds.org.uk
Responsible for monthly checks on all our equipment.

General Committee (CPAD)

Rebecca Lackey generalcom@cfrleeds.org.uk
Responsible for leading the team responsible for checking our public access defibrillator, located at Hyde Park Picture House.

Social Sec

Jack Bennett social@cfrleeds.org.uk
Organises social events for our CFRs and supporters, helping to establish a strong volunteering community.

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